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Day 3: Wine tasting in Priorat

As of now, the Priorat is the only DOQ (Qualified Designation of Origin) label awarded in Catalonia and we will start our tour by visiting the origins of this region: the monastery of Escaladei.

Our first stop will be the Mas Doix winery in Poboleda. After having lunch we will visit the village and the Siurana reservoir to enjoy the views. The second winery of the day will be Mas Perinet, also in Poboleda.

Mas Perinet

The property has around 300 ha. and it is located in a heavenly spot with a very high landscape value, in which slate is the main protagonist. The estate is situated between towns of La Morera and Cornudella de Montsant, both under the protection of the DOQ (Qualified Designation of Origin) Priorat and the DO (Designation of Origin) Montsant.

Right now there are 33 ha. dedicated to vines, 23 of them are protected by the DOQ (Qualified Designation of Origin) Priorat, the other 10 are protected by the DO (Designation of Origin) Montsant. These plantations are located in very steep slopes, in front of the Montsant mountain chain, in the north of the Priorat region. This area is the freshest, it is influenced by the sea breeze and it is the one which profits most from the greatest thermal contrast between night and day.

Mas Perinet winery Mas Perinet winery Mas Perinet winery
Mas Doix

Mas Doix is a family owned winery which produces, always with care and respect towards the vineyard and its surroundings, wines that transmit the inherent values of the Priorat region. These are wines fruit of their surroundings, soil, slopes, orientation, micro-climate and native varieties. What we will find here is a very limited production of fresh, subtly mineralized, elegant, well-balanced and strong and complex flavoured wines. These are wines to enjoy, share and chat over.

Mas Doix winery Mas Doix winery Mas Doix winery
Siurana Siurana Siurana
Escaladei Escaladei Escaladei