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Day 1: Welcome to Catalonia Day 2: Wine tasting in Terra Alta & Paella in Delta de l'Ebre Day 3: Wine tasting in Priorat Day 4: Wine tasting in Priorat & Montsant + spa (optional)
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Day 4: Wine tasting in Priorat & Montsant + spa (optional)

The first winery of the day is one of the best wineries in Catalonia and Spain, it is located in the village of Gratallops and it is known as Clos de l'Obac Costers del Siurana: in 1979 Carles Pastrana and Mariona Jarque recovered the family winemaking tradition and started off on a long adventure aimed to rescue the old Carthusian wines in the heart of the lands that were once under the dominion of the priors of Escaladei. They created the properties Clos de l'Obac and Miserere, replanting vines along the banks of the river Siurana, and established the Costers del Siurana winery I the pictorial village of Gratallops. They began to make the first wines in 1989, reaching an important milestone when the World Wine Guide declared CLOS DE L'OBAC to be one of the world's 150 best wines.

After having lunch and visiting the village we will go to Marçà (about 12 Km away from Gratallops) to get familiar and taste the wines of the Dosterras winery, protected by the DO (Designation of Origin) Montsant. This Geographical Status label is the youngest in Catalonia and it has very quickly managed to position itself in a distinguished place within the market. In this wine-producing region we will find modern wineries young but well-prepared oenologists, a limited but high-quality production and a land with a great mineral content.

Optionally, on our way back to the accommodation an extra stop can be made in the thermal spa Termes de Montbrió to have a rest and relax.

Clos de l'Obac
Clos de l'Obac Clos de l'Obac Clos de l'Obac
Dosterras Dosterras Dosterras